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Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

A entertaining subtraction game in which players work to land the biggest fish and real em in!

Gone Fishing Rules

Line Er Up High- Low

Line Er Up High- Low- Pick and place your dominoes. The object is to create two numbers with the greatest difference between them. 

Instructions and Gamesheet

Race to the Bottom

Race to the Bottom- Roll the dice and see how quickly you can get rid of all your numbers.  



Regroup Roundup

Regroup Roundup- A game in which you goal is to regroup. Collect as many points as you can by rolling the die and subtracting numbers. 

Regroup Roundup Rules

Game sheet

Sunken Treasure

Sunken Treasure- A group or class wide game in which you race in which you use subtraction to get to the sunken treasure. Do you rest to conserve air or race to the bottom to get their first. What every you do keep an eye on your air tank and another on the Horizon for Pirates. 


Game Board

Race to the Bottom

A fast pace game in which player roll dice to see who can get the number down to exactly Zero First. 

Race To The Bottom