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Math 2 die 4

Base 10 Number Cards


Base 10 number Cards- Print out these power point slides and cut them out then you can use them for a variety of different multiple person activities. 

  • Find a partner and do greater than or less than
  • Find group of ___ and order from least to greatest.
  • Addition- Find a partner and add you number together. 
  • Subtraction- Find a partner, figure out who would have to be the total who would have to be "take away" and what is the remainder.


Printable Multiplication Charts


Multiplication charts- are a great tool to help increase fact recall and to help with learning larger processes. 

Base 10 Division sheets


Base 10 Division sheets- Use these sheets to introduce or solidify the concept of division. The students are to divide the total into a set amount of groups. 

No remainder


100 Rolls


100 Rolls - A quick individual game in which you see how high you can get with 100 rolls of a die. 



Race to 1000


Race to 1000- See how quickly you can get to 1000. Play as a class all competing or individually keeping track of how many rolls it takes. 




Snake- A group or class wide game of chance. How high do you dare let the number go? Roll a double and loose the column roll snake eyes and loose it all.


Snake Set Round

Power of 10


Power of 10- A quick 2 player game where you roll dice and do you best to make rows and columns of 10. Make a 10 to take the dice. 

Line Er Up High- Low

Line Er Up High- Low- Pick and place your dominoes. The object is to create two numbers with the greatest difference between them. 

Instructions and Gamesheet

Race to the Bottom

Race to the Bottom- Roll the dice and see how quickly you can get rid of all your numbers.  



Regroup Roundup

Regroup Roundup- A game in which you goal is to regroup. Collect as many points as you can by rolling the die and subtracting numbers. 

Regroup Roundup Rules

Game sheet

Sunken Treasure

Sunken Treasure- A group or class wide game in which you race in which you use subtraction to get to the sunken treasure. Do you rest to conserve air or race to the bottom to get their first. What every you do keep an eye on your air tank and another on the Horizon for Pirates. 


Game Board

Multiplication Bingo

Multiplication Bingo- A fun way to work on recall. Either play to fill in the chart or to fill in the answers in random spots. 

Fraction Fill up

Fraction Fill up- Roll the dice and find the fractions. The person with the most sections filled in wins.