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Decimal Domination

Be first to lay claim to the hundredths land plots that are on the board.


o2 pencil crayons or highlighters of different colours.

o A tenths and a Hundredths dice or 2 ten-sided dice of different colours. If you are using 2 ten-sided dice determine at the start which colour is tenths and which is hundredths.

oA Decimal Domination Sheet.

Game play

oTo start the game the players each roll both dice the highest number gets to go first.

oA player rolls the dice to determine how much land they can claim. The player adds their two dice and then can claim that many hundredths. A player must only claim land in 1 hundredth plot per turn. Once they have coloured in their land it becomes the next players turn.

oA player only needs to claim 51 squares of a hundredth plot to claim it as their own.

oIf a player can not claim their full amount of hundredths then they cross out 1 of the xs on the board. When a player has crossed out all three of their xs the game is over.

Winning the game

oThe winner is the player that has the most hundredth plots.

Decimal Domination Game Board