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100 Rolls


100 Rolls - A quick individual game in which you see how high you can get with 100 rolls of a die. 



Race to 1000


Race to 1000- See how quickly you can get to 1000. Play as a class all competing or individually keeping track of how many rolls it takes. 




Snake- A group or class wide game of chance. How high do you dare let the number go? Roll a double and loose the column roll snake eyes and loose it all.


Snake Set Round




Starting the game

Shuffle the cards and cut the deck. The person with the lowest card will be the first dealer.

The dealer does 1 more quick shuffle and then deals out 5 cards to each player. Then flips over the top card to and puts it beside the deck as the start of the discard player.

The player to the left of the dealer starts the round.

Game Play

A players turn consists of taking the card on top of the deck, the card on the top of the discard pile or taking all the cards from the discard pile If a player takes a card or cards from the discard pile they must be able to make at least 1 ten from it.

 Then they use the cards they have to make even tens and put those cards to the side. Then they end their turn by discarding 1 card. The face cards in the deck have different abilities. Kings are Wild Cards, Queens- Reverse the order of the round and Jacks skip the next persons turn.

A round ends when a player no longer has any cards in their hand or there are no more cards in the discard pile. All players must get at least 1 turn in a round.






Wild Card






Skip a turn.

All other cards count as their number value. Aces count as 1 point.



At the end of each round a player’s score is made up of the total of their save pile take away what is left in their hand at the end of the round even if they have a wild card or cards that add up to 10 in their hand a player cannot add them to their save pile.


A player wins by being the first player to 500 points.

Constructens Rules

Constructens Score sheet

Dice Battle X

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Dice Battle X


  • Each player starts out with 10 Dice.
  • To determine who goes first each player rolls 1 die and the lowest number goes first.
  • A player rolls a die and puts it into one of the squares. If the die placed makes the total of the row, column, or the diagonal row of 5 add up to 10 then the player gets to take those dice off of the board. If not, then the player lets the other player know it is their turn. If a player notices there is a total of 10 on the board that the other player missed they may take it to add to their pile and then play their die.
  • The game goes until a player has no more dice or there are no more spots on the board to play.

Rules and Game Board


Ten in the Middle

Ten in the Middle


10 dice for each player
Starting the Game
Each player roles 1 die and then, the person with the lowest number goes first. If playing with more than 2 people the play then goes in a clockwise direction.

Game play

The first player rolls a die and places it in the middle. The next player rolls 1 die and places it in the middle circle. If that player can make an even 10 using any or all of the dice in the circle then the player takes the dice that add up to ten. If they cannot they let the next player know it is their turn.
A players turn officially begins when the player before them lets them know they have finished their turn. At the start of a turn if the player notices a 10 in the circle that the previous player had missed, they may take the dice to add to their pile. The player can then roll their die to be placed in the circle to try make an even ten.
If a player takes dice from the circle and it does not add up to an even ten, they must give the player that noticed the mistake the dice they picked up plus 1 die from their own pile.


A player wins when there are no other players that have a die to roll.


Printable Gameboard and Rules


Rolling Frenzy

Rolling Frenzy


• 1 Twenty- sided die
• 4- six-sided dice for each player.
Rolling the 20 sided die

Starting a Round

• At the start of the game everyone rolls 1 six sided die and the highest number gets to roll the 20 sided die for that turn.
• For every round after that the 20 sided die will be rolled by the winner of the previous round.
How to Play a Round
• The 20-sided die is rolled. This is the number that you are trying to build.
• Each player starts by rolling one of their 6-sided dice. If they want to keep that number, they put the die to the side. If they want to they can roll that die until they get a number, they want to keep however once they put it to the side it must stay there.
• Then they roll their next die until they get a number they want to keep, put it to the side and then roll the next die.
• A player wins the round by building the number correct number and then grabbing the 20-sided die.


Ending the Game

This game can be played either to a set number of rounds that is established at the start of the game or for how many rounds can be played in a set time frame. The Winner is the person who had won the most rounds.


Rolling Frenzy Rules