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Minecraft Education Link

Posted on April 29 2024

Minecraft Link

Survey Link

Posted on April 15 2024

School Survey

100 Rolls Form

Posted on April 11 2024

100 Rolls Form

5 Ws and H Form

Posted on March 13 2024

Here is where you enter all of your questions.  Fill in Survey, hit submit then select fill in another survey.  Link

Spring Program Jobs

Posted on February 15 2024


Survey Website

Posted on February 5 2024


Graphic Novel Book Tasting Survey

Posted on January 30 2024

Graphic Novel Book Tasting Survey

Group Member Survey

Posted on January 9 2024

Link to Survey


Advent Chapel Jobs

Posted on November 17 2023

Jobs Survey

Service Clubs Link

Posted on September 22 2023

Here is the link to the service clubs survey. Link 2.0 

Tie Dye Resouces

Posted on June 9 2023

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3    Link to Celebration of Learning Reflection (Don't click until you are done prepping your T-Shirt)

Memories of ICES

Posted on May 30 2023

Please fill out the following form with your Memories from ICES.  Memories Form

Mr. Riewe's NHL Playoffs Bracket Challenge

Posted on April 15 2023

Playoff Bracket Form

Tinkercad Login

Posted on March 20 2023

Class Link

Easter Chapel Survey

Posted on February 28 2023


Novel November Form

Posted on December 2 2022

Compassion Canada Link

Posted on November 28 2022

Compassion Canada Gift Book Link

Through line Questions.

Posted on November 21 2022

Report Card Subject Comments

Posted on November 18 2022


Student safe Student research

Posted on January 27 2021

These website are geared towards kid use. They are safe in a general sense of the word however there should still always be adult supervision when using the internet.  Kiddle